Children Imitate their parents

Children mirror their parents and elders. Similarly, they derive their eating habits from parents. So if you want you child to eat right, set an example by eating right yourself.

Here are some easy tips;

1. avoid tv dinners. children dont realize the goodness of food when in front of the tv.
2. chose whole fruits as snacks. keep a fruit basket handy on the dinning table so that the children reach out for fruits when hungry. Citrus blast recipe
3. do not stock up on chips, candy, crackers and colas in your pantry. instead stock up on milk, fruit yoghurt, nuts, popcorn and fruits. Oatmeal & Almond cookies
4. fill up your plate with 50% vegetables and less of breads, pasta, rice or rotis. this encourages your kids to eat more vegetables.
5. involve children when planning a meal. this will avoid unexpected food tantrums.
6. dont be a couch potato. fathers usually exhibit this behaviour on weekends or days off and end up snacking on junk food. Instead indulge in outdoor activities and plan cooking sessions with kids.

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