Heart is one of the top 3 organs of the body required to sustain life. Pumping blood to the entire body is its chief function. The heart constitutes of the heart muscles, valves, blood vessels and nerves. Each of these components requires special nutrition to function efficiently.

A general prescription for a heart patient includes omega 3 containing nuts, fish oils, high fibre foods and lots of water. However, many food ingredients like cashews and ghee are avoided. These foods infact are very nutritious & work the best for heart health if eaten right. This list will give you an insight as to what a healthy heart actually needs. These foods will blow away the common myths floating about heart health.


Cumin Cumin seeds contain a compound called cuminaldehyde, which stimulates salivation and aids in the secretion of pancreatic enzymes that regulate digestion and absorption of the nutrients. It aids in the secretion of bile acids that help digest and break down cholesterol – thus preventing its deposition in the arteries.

Cumin – indian super spice


Ghee & White Butter Ghee had lost its charm in the past decade, and is now regaining its glory by being reintroduced as ‘clarified butter’ in the west. Fads and myths floating in the doctor’s circuit lead many to believe that ghee is a taboo for a heart patient. Contrary to this myth, the saturated fat in ghee contains essential phytochemicals that aid in dissolving cholesterol. Eating ghee ensures that the arteries of the heart are well lubricated and flexible – preventing any deposition of debris/ cholesterol that may cause blockages. Also, regular consumption of fresh white butter enhances the absorption of vitamin D & vitamin B12.

Makkhan – the indian elixir


Cashewnuts Cashewnuts contain cholesterol?? News flash – no plant derived food has cholesterol. So now that we have saved our poor cashews from unwanted publicity, let’s know how these white beauties help the heart. Cashews are an excellent source of bio-available calcium, magnesium and selenium – the essential nutrients for healthy muscle tone. The Heart being a muscle, it is essential to maintain its tone & functionality to prevent any illnesses. Also, cashews contain natural essential oils that help keep the blood vessels soft & flexible.


Berries The heart works tireless every second you breathe – and all this work emits toxic and acid byproducts called ‘free radicals’. Berries are an excellent source of antioxidants that help neutralize this free radical damage to the heart. Keeping free radicals in check improves heart health in the long run.


Potato Skins Surprising entry to the list, the humble potato skin is one of the most efficient entry to your diet for a healthy heart. Loaded with bioavailable potassium, the potato skin (when eaten baked), helps maintain the electrolytic & water balance of the blood – thus, controlling blood pressure. A healthy circulation and a normal blood pressure does not overload the heart, keeping it healthy.

Potato – the new superfood



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