Parents often complain about their children falling sick frequently, or catching bouts of cold/ cough too often. Children often catch cold, infections or fever due to weak immunity. Weak immunity is a sign that the child needs immune-boosting nutrition in his diet. Eating out, unfiltered water, junk food, aerated beverages, artificial coloured-flavoured foods, cold – raw food eaten outside are the main causes of infections in children.


Use simple kitchen remedies to enhance a child’s immunity rather than opting for heavy medications. A strong immune system prevents infections, helps your child grow stronger and paves way for a healthy adulthood.

Some of the immune boosting food that you can give your child daily are;

  1. Jeera, lemon, mint, turmeric, ajwain, tulsi, ginger, garlic
  2. Green leafy vegetables especially methi, spring onion leaves & spinach
  3. Tomatoes, beetroot and orange pumpkin
  4. Grapes, berries, plums, prunes and citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, kiwi
  5. Yoghurt and sprouts


Why use food and not medicine to boost the immune responses? 

Food is the simplest drug available to mankind without a prescription. Food can act as an antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti- infective agent that keeps your child disease-free.

Unlike vaccinations and medicines, food is the best immunity food for kids. When given natural forms of immunity foods, the body accepts it as a part of its own and uses it to the optimum. On the other hand, medicines and vaccines are foreign substances to the body and make the body’s natural immunity weaker, making your child more susceptible to infections in the long run. Dishes like tzatzikibanana-walnut smoothiespring onion souppenne with spinach are delicious immunity boosting recipes that kids love.


FOR COLD & PHLEGM- 1 tsp ginger juice + 1 pinch haldi + 1/2 tsp honey at bedtime

FOR DRY COUGH – 1/2 tsp haldi powder + 1/2 tsp mishri powder

FOR FEVER – pumpkin soup



A child will never build his natural immunity if he is confined to the safety of his home. The more a child is let out in the open, exposed to the natural weather, fed with a variety of foods; the more will be grow to be a stronger individual.


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