I am Dhvani Shah – a naturopathic nutritionist, author, speaker, recipe developer, columnist and blogger with a passion for living life the Nature’s way!

I am the founder of The FIMS Clinic which simply puts my philosophy into words (FIMS = Food Is Medicinal & Supplemental). At The FIMS Clinic, we amalgamate traditional indian, chinese & tibetian food wisdom along with modern research based dietetics.
We have a Food cure for every need, for everybody – without using artificial supplements/ medicines or equipments!

I have developed a special niche in the field of pregnancy & child nutrition and have a couple of books and plenty of workshops to my credit.  Know more about me, tune in to my latest recipe experimentations, read about the FIMS value of food and join us for our upcoming events.

Stay Healthy!

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi I wanna know do you consult the eating habits for 3.6yr old
    My child has become a fussy eater so need to know if you can let me know how it works

    Ruchi Chhabria


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